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Crosspoint Offices

Life is more than just business and when you work, you prefer to do so in pleasant surroundings. Peaceful and quiet, spacious and top service, as you would expect in a boutique hotel. The office concept of Crosspoint Offices is not just an office building, it is an ecosystem where the world of better business feels at home.

The all-inclusive concept including a business club and concierge service make Crosspoint Offices a true home away from home. With no hidden costs or charges afterwards. Not only the appearance but the complete design of the office building is unique and meets the highest standards when it comes to sustainability. Finished with high quality, natural materials, it exudes tranquility and luxury.

Crosspoint Offices

Quality of life,
Excellent workspace
Crosspoint ideeal for:

The guests who stay with us find quality of life, service, appearance and being part of a larger network more important than price.


We therefore accommodate many:
  • Regional entrepreneurs
  • Scale-ups
  • International organizations that want to be located close to Schiphol
  • Coaches/practitioners
  • Freelancers/ self-employed people
  • Human resources/ facility management (larger companies)

Our mission and vision

Crosspoint Offices is a high-quality quality of life concept, where work and private life can merge. Such that convenience, enjoyment and profit come together in a sustainable environment.

The way we work is changing and becoming more flexible. From this new reality we developed our ecosystem for office and workspace. It fits like a glove for your office needs of today and the coming years of unprecedented economic changes. Combined with the sublime service and flexibility of a boutique hotel. In such a way that Crosspoint Offices is an undisputed facilitator for you as an entrepreneur. Sustainable, high quality, transparent and flexible without over-the-top pricing.